One more experience – the Culinarium at the kybun World – because we take your wellbeing seriously!

A snack for in between…

  • Appenzeller coffee with Zöpfli (Swiss sweet braided bread), butter and jam
  • Appenzeller coffee with Appenzeller Chrömli (Swiss sweet biscuits)
  • Ricola Swiss herbal tea, Biotta Vita 7 juice and fruit

Something to linger over…

  • Fresh, homemade and seasonal cold soup
  • Appenzeller Mostbröckli (slices of Swiss smoked and dried raw beef) with Brötli (Swiss speciality pastry) and butter
  • Appenzellerli (Swiss biscuits) with gently roasted hazelnut filling

A sweet treat…

  • Delicacies created by the confectioner Läderach
  • Vital Gelati ice cream for enjoyment, taste and health from the Thurgau region

An aperitif snack…

  • Appenzeller Birewegge (Swiss fruit bread) with Appenzeller cheese
  • Apenzeller Mostbröckli (slices of Swiss smoked and dried raw beef) with Brötli (Swiss speciality pastry) and butter


  • Appenzeller coffee, roasted in a gas-powered roasting machine from the fifties in Teufen in Appenzellerland at 990 metres above sea level; fully aromatic, strong, full-bodied and low in acidity
  • Various types of Ricola Swiss herbal tea – mint power for the body
  • Biotta Vita 7, organic juice with a special combination of fruits, vegetables and whey; a source of vitamin C, from the Thurgau region
  • Passugger, Swiss mineral water (sparkling)
  • Allegra, Swiss mineral water (still)
  • Shorley, (60% Swiss apple juice and 40% Passugger mineral water) from the Thurgau region
  • Cuvée Jean-Georges, sparkling cider (7% vol.) from the Thurgau region
  • Swizly, clear cider with a little fruit juice and elderflower syrup (5% vol.) from the Thurgau region
  • Landsgmendwy Riesling Sylvaner, from a tradition-steeped vineyard in Wienacht-Tobel in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Schmid&Wetli
  • Wienachtswy Pinot Noir, an elegant Pinot Noir from a vineyard located in Wienacht-Tobel in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden at over 580 metres above sea level, Schmid&Wetli Appenzell

This food and drinks menu is only available for private group visits (and is not for visitors taking part in individual tours). We are happy to put together a suitable selection for the specific occasion, in accordance with individual preferences and based on these culinary delights.